Why Divvi Up

Our goal is to provide a service that application owners—from government and public benefit entities to private companies—can use to easily collect user population metrics while respecting user privacy.

Many types of applications, from mobile and desktop apps to websites, generate metrics about their users. These metrics are valuable for application owners because they are the basis for insights into users’ behavior. Normally an application would send all of its metrics back to the app owners, either directly or through a middle-entity. Users simply have to trust that owners will respect their stated privacy and security policies.

Stated policy, however, is insufficient as a privacy safeguard. Once an app owner has user data, privacy policies can be violated either intentionally or accidentally. The mere possibility of privacy violations can erode trust in applications, making users less likely to want to engage. In addition, the presence of personally identifiable information is a liability that more organizations are worrying about since it can be unintentionally leaked or stolen in a breach.

Divvi Up is a service designed to resolve the tension between wanting to know information about a population of users and needing to collect information about individuals that might compromise their privacy.

Benefits of using Divvi Up

Unlike any other metrics aggregation system available today, Divvi Up has all of the following components:

Collect valuable population metrics

Gain valuable insight into the behavior of your audience with the ability to collected large-scale metrics.

Privacy protection for users

No application owner or middle-entity ever possesses complete and identifiable individual user metrics, ensuring that user data cannot be mishandled intentionally or unintentionally.

Ease of Use

For application owners, Divvi Up requires minimal setup. The metrics collection process has no impact on an application user’s experience, which is critical for adoption of a system that will better protect people’s privacy.

Sustainable Cost

Divvi Up is a service that seeks to provide internet-scale privacy improvements and we know that keeping costs down for subscribers is essential to making that happen.